Dental Crowns (CEREC)

What are CEREC Dental Crowns?

In the past, the crown procedure required two appointments to fully finish. With revolutionary technology, we are now able to customize your permanent crown for you in our office. CEREC crowns are just as durable and long-lasting as lab-created crowns. They are custom made to fit your smile perfectly and they feel completely comfortable.

Why are CEREC Dental Crowns needed?

CEREC crowns are often needed if a tooth has become compromised in some way. The tooth might have cracked, fractured or broken and needs to be restored. Rather than wait for two or three weeks in between appointments, you can have the permanent crown placed at your initial appointment. CEREC crowns can last for years with proper care and help to optimize oral health and function.

What makes you a good candidate for CEREC Dental Crowns?

Most of our patients are good candidates for CEREC dental crowns. The crown procedure is easy, quick and can be done in just one convenient appointment. Because digital impressions are used to create the crown, it’s an especially viable option for patients who may not like to have impressions taken. Our goal is to bring you the best technology possible in the dental field today by using CEREC dental crowns.

What happens during the CEREC Dental Crown procedure?

First, we will administer local anesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. We will then work to file down the compromised tooth so that the crown can fit comfortably on top. Digital impressions are then taken and put into our revolutionary CEREC machine. The machine creates a custom made crown specific to the digital impressions’s findings. The crown is then placed on top of the new abutment and smoothed down for a comfortable fit. You can expect your CEREC crown to last just as long as any other crown you have had made in the past.

If you are interested in CEREC crowns and would like to come in for an appointment, call us today and we will work to answer any of your questions regarding this procedure.