Do you have receding gums? If you do, then you may be embarrassed to smile because you feel that your teeth look longer than they should, or that there is not enough “pink” in your smile. There are various solutions for this problem. One of the most common is dental veneers. The only problem with veneers is that they are purely a cosmetic solution, and do nothing to correct the underlying issues that could be causing your gums to recede. Also, once installed, most types of dental veneers are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Gum grafting surgery is also a possibility. This is a procedure where gum-like tissue is taken from another area of your mouth (the palate, usually), and then grafted onto areas where the gum tissue is lacking. It usually takes several visits to the dentist office, and quite some time to heal.

Chao Pinhole Surgery

If you are tired of living with your receding gums, want a more natural solution than dental veneers, and do not like the idea of having tissue taken from one area of your mouth to be grafted onto your gums, you could be a candidate for Chao Pinhole surgery. This is a state-of-the-art procedure that does not require cutting into your palate or your gum tissue, and it can be completed in very little time – usually about an hour.

What Causes Gum Recession?

Most of the time, gum recession is an indication of a bigger issue. It could be due to periodontal disease, bad oral hygiene, or even poor dental treatment. Smoking can also cause your gums to recede. Regardless of the cause, though, the issue is that the problem is just going to continue if nothing is done.

What Can Be Done?

Traditional surgery for receding gums can be painful and time-consuming. With Chao pinhole surgery, though, you can get the results you want with little or no discomfort.

When performing this type of surgery, the first thing Dr. Yamaguchi will do is numb up your mouth with a local anesthetic. Then, she will create a small hole (a pinhole) in the receded gum tissue. Using specialized equipment, she will pull a flap of your existing gum tissue over the receded area, and then contour the gum line in such a way that it looks natural and compatible with the rest of your gums. The treatment gives immediate results, and no stitches are needed. You can go home and heal in very little time. The treatment is permanent, so all you need to do is continue to brush and floss, and see Dr. Yamaguchi for regular checkups in order to maintain your healthy smile.

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