Understanding Biological Dentistry and How We Treat Cavities

Safe Mercury Removal

Biologic, biological or biocompatible dentistry, is an approach that prioritizes the overall health and well-being of the patient by minimizing the use of potentially harmful materials and techniques. This approach to dentistry is integrates dental care with the broader aspects of health and wellness, taking into account the relationship between oral and systemic health.

Our focus at Dental Arts and Wellness is biological dentistry. Everything we do stems from this very simple and basic belief – your oral care should include your overall well-being.

Understanding Biological Dentistry

Biologic dentistry is grounded in the philosophy of using the safest and least toxic methods to treat our patients. Similar to the philosophy laid out by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has set forth many of the standards that we now follow.

What is IAOMT?

Since its establishment in 1984, the IAOMT has been dedicated to researching the biocompatibility of dental materials and practices. The organization provides extensive educational resources and training for dental professionals to promote biologic dentistry. This includes hosting conferences, publishing research, and offering certification programs for practitioners who want to specialize in biologic dentistry.

The IAOMT also provides public education which is raising awareness about the potential risks of traditional dental materials and the benefits of biologic alternatives. IAOMT stands as a huge advocate for safer dental practices globally and we encourage you to research their cause and support them.

Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Practices

A core tenet of biologic dentistry is the avoidance of mercury in dental treatments.

Traditional amalgam fillings contain mercury, which can release harmful vapors and pose health risks.

At Dental Arts and Wellness, we have chosen to use alternative, mercury-free materials instead of amalgam fillings in order to avoid these inherent risks.

In addition to using alternative materials in fillings, we also provide a safe removal technique that we use to remove amalgam fillings in children and adults.

The IAOMT have developed the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) to ensure that mercury exposure is minimized during the removal of amalgam fillings. This protocol includes measures such as using high-volume suction, providing the patient with an alternative air source, and using water to cool the filling during removal to reduce mercury vapor release.

About Biocompatible Dental Materials

Now, let’s talk about the materials we do use.

Chosen for their minimal reactivity and toxicity while promoting the most beneficial results possible, we use several common, biocompatible materials including ceramic and composite resins when filling teeth. These materials are free from metals and other potentially harmful substances, including mercury.

Environmental Considerations Resulting From Amalgam Fillings

Biologic dentistry emphasizes environmental responsibility.

Dental practices can be significant sources of mercury pollution, primarily through dental wastewater. To mitigate this, biologic dental practices implement measures such as installing amalgam separators to capture mercury before it can enter the wastewater system. The IAOMT has been instrumental in advocating for these practices and providing guidelines to dental offices worldwide to reduce their environmental impact.

About Our Holistic Patient Care

Biological dentistry extends beyond the choice of materials and procedures.

It encompasses a holistic view of patient care that integrates nutrition, detoxification, and lifestyle factors. We often collaborate with other health professionals and colleagues to provide comprehensive care that supports overall wellness.

For example, we sometimes work with nutritionists to recommend dietary changes that promote oral and systemic health or with naturopaths to design detoxification programs that help eliminate heavy metals from the body.

We believe it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all aspects, and as a dentist, I pride myself in helping all people live better lives.

Moving Forward at Dental Arts and Wellness

Biologic dentistry represents a paradigm shift in dental care, emphasizing the importance of using safe, non-toxic materials and methods that support the overall health and well-being of patients. By integrating holistic health principles, prioritizing biocompatibility, and addressing environmental concerns, biologic dentistry offers a comprehensive approach to dental care that aligns with the growing demand for treatments that are both effective and mindful of broader health impacts.

As research and education in this field continue to evolve, biologic dentistry will play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of dental and systemic health.

To learn more about our treatment, or, if you have mercury amalgam fillings and would like to discuss removal and treatment options, call us now at (503) 603-0700.

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