Who We Are


Becoming a dentist did not happen to Manami very fast. With her mother’ being an artistic tailor, Manami was encouraged to draw and design her dresses as a child. Then wanting to quit classical piano lessons, she joined a gymnastic team hoping to be the next Nadia Comaneci—40 years later, she is thankful for the flexibility and strength she gained from the training, as dentistry is quite physically demanding.

Growing up in Japan, Manami craved for ethnic diversity and applied for a foreign exchange program to study in US. Becoming a simultaneous interpreter in medicine was her goal in life, and studying English and Science eventually got her into dental education.

An avid culinary explorer, Manami loves eating as much as cooking to recreate gourmet meals back in her kitchen. Her family dogs—Tabi, Nova and Toro; all rescued from Humane Society—also eat well, as she believes real food is far better for their health. The highlight of the day is when she reunites with her guitarist husband Jason for dinner, and rolls around with her dogs listening to live music until bedtime. On her days off she is found running wild with her dogs in a forest trail, or dancing carelessly at various local venues to her husband’s music, if not with him enjoying her every bite at Nodoguro—her favorite Portland restaurant where she learns her life’s important lesson; living with passion and intention with excellence.