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Your oral health is a crucial component of the overall health of your body. For example, when your body lacks essential vitamins, this can lead to teeth and gum problems, such as bleeding gums. When someone has a disease such as diabetes, one of the symptoms can be lesions in the mouth.

Conversely, oral problems can lead to other health issues in the body. For example, research from Harvard links gum disease and heart disease:  

“People with gum disease have two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event.”

Therefore, maintaining excellent oral health is fundamental to having a healthier body.

Holistic Dentistry – Mouth-to-Body Dentistry

Here at Dental Arts & Wellness, our focus is oral-systemic dentistry, also known as biological or holistic dentistry. We combine state-of-the-art dental techniques with treatment for the rest of your body.

Since we take this mouth-body approach to your care in our office, we can give you a level of treatment that is more than traditional dentistry. We don’t just treat your teeth but help optimize your oral and overall health so that your entire body benefits from the work being done.

This allows us to treat our patients as individuals and provide them with the care that they need. Holistic dentistry is ideal for all patients and can be especially important for children.


What You Can Do

Your oral health doesn’t start or end at the dentist, meaning that what you do at home is just as important as the treatment you get from us.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your mouth in tiptop shape:


Maintain Your Oral Hygiene at Home

  • Flossing is a must. It helps get rid of food particles below the gum line and in between the teeth that a toothbrush can’t get to.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, for two minutes, with toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. If you struggle with cavities, ask your hygienist or dentist to help you improve your dental technique.
  • Rinse. Along with brushing and flossing, rinse with fluoride-free (yes, you heard it right) mouthwash or diluted hydrogen peroxide daily to reduce the risk of infection in the tooth to gums to bones. 
  • See us for dental hygiene care to support your body’s health. How often you should have the regularly scheduled appointment depends on your lifestyle, health levels and goals. Proper preventative visits can save you the painful experience from tooth decay and gum disease as well as keep you from facing costly, painful extra dental procedures. 



Nutrition plays a vital role in your oral health. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause problems with your teeth and gums, not to mention the rest of your body. 

Common genetic mutations also cause nutrients from being less absorbed or utilized by the body.  This results in the body not functioning at its full potential even though you eat well and take supplements.  (And we often find the gums showing signs of this condition.)

For example, deficiency in vitamin A can cause impaired tooth formation. This shows up as pits, grooves, or missing areas of enamel. Deficiency in vitamin C can cause your gums to bleed and lead to gum disease.

Drinking soda, juice, or sweetened coffee every day could take a toll on your teeth. Sugary foods like candy bars and ice cream can also adversely affect your mouth and teeth.

Do what you can to maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Those two things can make a huge difference in your oral health. 

Final Words

You can help your body stay healthy by making sure not to have a diseased, toxic mouth. Make your dental care a daily routine and keep your professionally customized checkups and cleanings. Nutrition goes a long way, so learn about keeping healthy, balanced eating habits. Your oral health is a key factor in maintaining your entire body.

Our goal is not only to have your mouth be healthy; we work with you to address anything helpful to get you in greater shape. If you are interested in our health-based dental care or have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to assist you. 


Dr. Manami Yamaguchi
Dental Arts & Wellness 

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