Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is crucial in treating gum disease. When gum disease occurs, small pockets will form around each tooth, causing an array of bacteria and plaque to get down deep into these crevices. Because it’s difficult to keep these pockets clean, an infection occurs and further compromises the soft tissue. Laser treatment helps to eradicate the diseased tissue within these small pockets, allowing the gums to heal naturally on their own as close to the tooth as possible.

Why is Laser Dentistry needed?

Gum disease can oftentimes be difficult to treat on your own. Without the use of surgery and sedation, it is next to impossible to prevent the disease from getting worse. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss with almost half of all adults having the condition to some degree. Laser treatment is minimally invasive and requires absolutely no incisions or sutures.

What makes you a good candidate for Laser Dentistry?

Because laser treatment for gum disease is not a surgery and requires no sutures or incisions, it’s a great alternative for many patients with gum disease. It is incredibly effective at eliminating diseased tissue so that your gums can heal naturally on their own. It is important that even after treatment, you continue to take care of your teeth to prevent the disease from returning.

What happens during Laser Dentistry?

A high-powered, yet gentle laser is aimed directly into the small pockets around each tooth. We then work to remove any diseased and infected tissue from these areas. Once the diseased tissue has been removed, we will smooth the roots to ensure that bacteria cannot adhere and stick to these areas. Your gums are then given time to heal from the procedure and will be able to get as close to your teeth as possible. This reduces the size of these gingival pockets and can even reverse gum disease. Proper oral hygiene should be followed at home to improve your results and keep gum disease from returning.

If you think you might benefit from laser dentistry and want to learn more about this option, call our office today and we will schedule a consultation appointment for you.