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Your First Visit

As your preferred Lake Oswego dental care provider, we make sure that at Dental Arts & Wellness, every visit to our office is streamlined and stress free. Upon arrival, we will give you a tour of our office to familiarize you with our practice, and then our team will help you with the registration process to make sure that you get the most out of your time with Dr. Yamaguchi.

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For adults, we reserve 60 minutes for a complete exam that includes the following:

Review of health history, medical history, dental plans, and goals

X-rays and imaging

Oral cancer screening via OralID™ immunofluorescence & visual exam

Hygiene evaluation (gum and bone health check)

Microscopic cavity check and photographs

Lake Oswego dentist, Dr. Yamaguchi, will walk you through her findings and work closely with you to create a dental plan designed to meet your unique oral health goals.

Children’s appointments are typically shorter. As long as the child allows it, the appointment includes an interview, exam, x-rays, and cleaning in 60 minutes.


Kind Words From Our Patients

I have been a happy patient of Dr. Yamaguchi’s for over 16 years and HIGHLY recommend her! She is extraordinarily gentle, skilled, perfectionistic in her work, cutting-edge knowledgeable and gracious. A special word to those who are afraid of shots - she is absolutely MAGICAL; she administers them so expertly I never feel them. I have needed many crowns over the years, replacements of many mercy fillings received decades before going to Dental Arts & Wellness I have such confidence in Dr Yamaguchi’s professional judgment, quality of work and gentle touch that when I’m in the dental chair I am utterly relaxed (without sleep medication). Every crown and filling she has created has been perfect! In addition to the excellence of their work (which is most important in my opinion), Dr Yamaguchi and her team are wonderfully warm and caring. If you are feeling anxious and avoiding the dentist, you will be doing your health and smile a BIG favor in scheduling with Dr Manami Yamaguchi and her team at Dental Arts & Wellness!

Patricia Tucker

Dr. Yamaguchi will be my dentist for as long as she practices. She gives comforting and practical advice. I had gum bleeding for years and she told me “you know, your GI tract is one long tube” and it clicked for me that If my gums were bleeding, the rest of my gut was probably inflamed as well. I switched to IF and Keto to experiment and I went from, in her words, “a blood bath” to NO BLEEDING for the first time in my adult life. Our health is all connected and I’m forever grateful. Also, she upgraded one of my crowns & it feels so much like a molar with all the right crevices. She knows what makes a smile beautiful and is an expert in her craft.

Sarah Asla

I suffered with psoriasis for 9 years, did a lot of cleansing and was psoriasis free for 3 years. Then I go to my old dentist to fix a cavity, and they removed some old amalgam and added new. After that day, my skin became super itchy and all my psoriasis came back been suffering with psoriasis another 3 years because during that time I had a baby and breastfed and I didn't want to do any detox till now. I decided then and there to get rid of all of my amalgam but do it correctly this time using a safe protocol. I searched around and found dental arts and wellness. I removed half of my amalgam and one week later without changing anything in my routine, the psoriasis on both knees and one elbow went away. I removed the other remaining half of amalgam and one week later the last of my psoriasis on the remaining elbow went away. I thought things usually get worse before they get better but in my case it got completely better. I am now 100% psoriasis free and I know it had to do with the removal of all the amalgam that the body absolutely doesn't like. This dentist is the best and her assistant is great too, I highly recommend everyone go here. I will be getting crowns here too because they make them BPA Free here.

juan rocha

I haven't been to a dentist in probably a decade. I'm young have always had nice gums. Well, I went in finally to see Dr. Yamaguchi and am thankful I did. I had a deep clean procedure and some laser therapy. Don't wait any longer this practice is nice and the staff are very friendly. I get text reminders and everything. Thanks again Dr. Yamaguchi and staff.

Mitch McBride

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Please note: we ask that if you must cancel an appointment, that you give us at least 48 hours warning. Saturday appointments are especially limited, so please refrain from any Saturday cancellations if at all possible. Last minute cancellations will incur a fee. If you have any additional questions about what to expect during your first exam, please feel free to contact us at 503 603-0700.

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