Dental Crown

Dental Crown

If you think you may be in need of a crown, or would like more information on the crown process, contact Dental Arts and Wellness to schedule your appointment.

Dental crowns are used to help protect a weak tooth from breaking down further. Crowns also restore damaged or broken teeth. Typically, after a root canal procedure crowns are placed to help seal out any infection. The crown is similar to a cap and fits snug over the tooth. Crowns can change the shape, size, and color of a tooth and look natural in the mouth. Crowns are durable, and can give patients a beautiful natural looking smile.

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What our patients say

Dr. Yamaguchi will be my dentist for as long as she practices. She gives comforting and practical advice. I had gum bleeding for years and she told me “you know, your GI tract is one long tube” and it clicked for me that If my gums were bleeding, the rest of my gut was probably inflamed as well. I switched to IF and Keto to experiment and I went from, in her words, “a blood bath” to NO BLEEDING for the first time in my adult life. Our health is all connected and I’m forever grateful. Also, she upgraded one of my crowns & it feels so much like a molar with all the right crevices. She knows what makes a smile beautiful and is an expert in her craft.

    Sarah Asla

    Dr.Yamaguchi and her staff are amazing! They care and take the time to listen to what the patient wants. I had been to two dentist, both wanted to do root canals immediately, without taking into consideration what I wanted. Making me feel crazy for not wanting a root canal(dead tooth) in my mouth. I was so thankful to finally find a dentist who understood the dangers of a root canal. Highly recommended!!!

      seven 7

      I have been a happy patient of Dr. Yamaguchi’s for over 16 years and HIGHLY recommend her! She is extraordinarily gentle, skilled, perfectionistic in her work, cutting-edge knowledgeable and gracious. A special word to those who are afraid of shots - she is absolutely MAGICAL; she administers them so expertly I never feel them. I have needed many crowns over the years, replacements of many mercy fillings received decades before going to Dental Arts & Wellness I have such confidence in Dr Yamaguchi’s professional judgment, quality of work and gentle touch that when I’m in the dental chair I am utterly relaxed (without sleep medication). Every crown and filling she has created has been perfect! In addition to the excellence of their work (which is most important in my opinion), Dr Yamaguchi and her team are wonderfully warm and caring. If you are feeling anxious and avoiding the dentist, you will be doing your health and smile a BIG favor in scheduling with Dr Manami Yamaguchi and her team at Dental Arts & Wellness!

        Patricia Tucker

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