Have you ever been to a dentist, and felt that you didn’t exist to them as a person? That you were just a mouth and a set of teeth? You deserve better. You deserve to be treated as a whole person. At Dental Arts and Wellness in Lake Oswego, OR, we believe in a whole-health, natural approach to your dental care.

When you come to see us, you will enjoy welcoming surroundings. Our office on Bangy Road is warm and inviting, and we will do everything within our means to ensure that you feel calm and relaxed. You will enjoy the benefits of having a dentist with small hands conduct your examination and treatment, and you can be assured that we will be sensitive to any unique concerns you may have. At our practice, Dr. Yamaguchi leaves the holistic approach up to you. Any holistic treatment or method you would prefer over the regular is acceptable.

Your Health and Safety

We are committed to your overall health, not just your dental care. Your oral health can affect the rest of your body for better or worse – just as an example, tooth decay is known to be a factor in heart disease, kidney disorders, and other ailments, so we customize our treatments with the whole patient in mind.

We also operate a “green” or bioesthetic, dental practice. Thanks to modern dental technology, there is no longer a need for photographic dental x-rays that require chemical baths that can be harmful to the environment; we use only digital x-rays. Also, you will not find mercury fillings in our dental practice. We use only composite materials for your health and safety. In fact, if you have mercury fillings, we can remove them for you and replace them with tooth-colored fillings that not only look better, but are safer. It is not really known how much mercury the human body can safely tolerate, so we err on the side of caution and assume that “no mercury” is the better answer.

Bioesthetic and Holistic Dentistry

Our promise to you is that we will help you make the choices that are right not just for your mouth, but for your entire body. Bioesthetics and holistic dentistry are based on overall wellness, not just treating disease. Holistic dentistry recognizes the connection between your mouth and your general health. This is why we always use biocompatible materials when providing dental services to you and your family. When you visit us at Dental Arts and Wellness, you can be assured that your overall health is our primary concern.

Contact Our Holistic Dentist in Lake Oswego

Would you like to learn more about bioesthetic and holistic dentistry? Do you have questions or concerns? Dr. Yamaguchi loves educating her patients on the benefits of the holistic approach. If you would like to book a consultation, call us at 503-635-3306, or use the convenient form on our Contact Us page. We are located at 15074 Bangy Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035, and we look forward to seeing you. Experience the many benefits of holistic dentistry at Dental Arts & Wellness.

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  • Dr. Yamaguchi and her team are great! They are very professional at their work and they care about my dental needs, my financial option as well. I had good visiting experience there.

    Jing C.
  • #1 Dentist and Dental Team Ever! They treat you like family while providing top quality dental care. Because of this we always look forward to our visits to the dentist hands down. I highly recommend Dr. Yamaguchi and her team.

    Suzie S.
  • Excellent! Front desk always friendly and helpful. Vivian did an excellent job. Not easy to fill in for a regular. She could easily become a regular member of the staff.

    Deanna W.
  • "I have a number of systemic health issues that I am trying to better understand and Dr. Yamaguchi made me feel heard. She was very careful to consider my overall health vs. just my dental health. Great 1st visit and I'll be back."

    Celeste P.

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